Important Notice

By subscribing to our services, you (the client) are in agreement with our Terms of Service (AlisHosting). AlisHosting reserves the right to cancel, suspend or terminate any service (subscription) provided with or without a refund or notice or warning for any reason. AlisHosting also reserves the right to change and modify the Terms of Agreement at any time with or without client notification. It is up to the client to periodically check and familiarise themselves with the recent Terms of Service. If any client does not comply with the new Terms of Service modifications, their service will be terminated.

1. Service Payment, Refunds and Cancellation Guidelines

All payment invoices are generated 7 days before payment is due. Failure to pay before the due date will result in suspended service until payment is received. Late payments are subject to a 10% late fee. After 8 days of non-payment from the due date, the service will be terminated and AlisHosting will not be responsible for any data loss due to termination. AlisHosting only provides a 24 hour refund period for the first billing period e.g. 1 month for monthly, from the invoice payment date, of a client using our Minecraft Plan. AlisHosting reserves the right to deny refunds for their services with or without reason, regardless of the Service Refunds and Cancellation Guidelines if the user does not follow the Acceptable Use Policy or request e.g. a lot of support prior to requesting a refund or abuse such as spam. All cancellations must be given 5 days before the next billing due date. Refunds only apply for New Users/Accounts. Existing users with more than one subscription are eligible for no refunds. Chargebacks/Disputes will be treated as fraud resulting in the service being suspended/terminated and all right to a refund void, even if within 24 hours of purchase. All refunds must be requested via a billing ticket, requests made via any other method are not valid. By subscribing to our service the client agrees that they are over 18 and own the Paypal account or debit/credit card being used for payment or they have permission from the account/card owner. The client also agrees that if they select 'subscribe' on the invoice when paying with Paypal that payment will be taken automatically by Paypal when a new invoice is generated. If the client pays via our debit/credit card option then payment will be taken automatically 2 days prior to the due date if the client has not already paid their pending invoice until a cancellation request is issued.

2. Service Level Agreement

AlisHosting does not guarantee 99.9% uptime however this is what we aim for. In the event that uptime is below 99%, compensation may be issued at the discretion of the CEO however it is not in anyway guaranteed. SLA credit will not be issued if our network or hardware is not to blame. Planned maintenance events and server upgrades are not eligible for SLA credit. SLA credit will be equal to one day's usage for every 2 hours of outage, not to exceed one month's recurring charge of the affected service, given in the form of account credit only. We must be contacted via billing support ticket within 7 days of the downtime for a SLA credit claim to be valid. We reserve the right to deny a SLA credit claim at any time for any reason. AlisHosting will not be liable to a client for damages or losses in any situation.

3. Server File Backups

AlisHosting does not take backups of all services offered therefore clients are responsible for their own data management. We are not responsible for any data loss resulting from a client failing to backup their files to an external file server.

4. Client Server Sharing / File Responsibility

AlisHosting serves an environment with the sole purpose of providing hosting services and will not be held responsible for a client sharing his or her account (with admins/sub-users) or files stored on the said account. In the event where shared accounts with other users (admins/sub-users) become malicious to the client (due to conflicting interest, etc.), AlisHosting is not responsible for this action. Furthermore, all files stored on a client's server (except for the files that come standard) are also his or her responsibility and holds no merit with AlisHosting. Any files which are copyright and used or uploaded by the client are also the client's responsibility.

5. Liability

Under no circumstances shall we be held liable for any damages, including but not limited to downtime or data loss, incurred by the client through the use of our products and/or services. Our maximum combined liability to a client for any service shall be 100% of the product and/or service fee for that specific month however as stated above, compensation is at the discretion of the CEO

6. Denial of Service Attacks

We may incorporate multiple protection methods against Denial of Service Attacks. However, we are not liable for any downtime caused by a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) or DoS (Denial of Service) attack. If a DDoS or DoS attack is targeted at a specific customer's product and/or service for an extended period of time and affects other customer's products and/or services we may suspend it until further notice or resolution.

7. Minecraft Unlimited Storage

7.1 - All services are still subjected to software limitations and physical hardware limits.
7.2 - To prevent abuse by default, your Minecraft server will be set up with a storage limit of 30GB. These are soft limits, and will be increased for no additional charge upon request as long as you meet the other requirements listed on this TOS
7.3 - To be eligible for additional resource allocation, your usage must be nearing or exceeding your current soft limit, while being in compliance with the rest of these terms. We reserve the right to require that any outstanding issues, such as plugin errors, be resolved before additional resources are allocated.
7.4 - For Minecraft servers, unlimited storage only applies to the game server world data. Additional data, such as backups, logs, or files generated by third party plugins, are not eligible for storage limit increases. MySQL server storage is unmetered, and is recommended for third party plugin usage.

8. Acceptable Use Policy

All Services - The Client agrees to not to attempt to modify the products or services as purchased from the original specifications. Spamming of the ticket system will not be tolerated and may result in service termination, allow up to 24 hours for responses.

Minecraft Services - The client also agrees to not attempt to access any data or services outside of the client's given user directory. Client agrees to accept Mojang's EULA which can be found here. Client agrees to monitor their disk space usage. In the event of major disk space usage by a client, we will take action which may incur data loss. AlisHosting will not be responsible for such data loss. Support tickets are limited to basic installations, configurations, and teaching users how to setup their server. For advanced plugin assistance, please refer to Google. AlisHosting reserves the right to re-configure, reboot, or shut down any server as necessary in the event that it is adversely affecting the hardware or other users, with or without prior notice. Disk space is limited by to 30gb, if you require this limit risen then submit a support ticket. We are not responsible for any data loss that occurs due to hitting these disk space limits. Plugins with high disk space usage must be configured in a way that minimises usage e.g. dynmap 'image-format' set to 'jpg-q90'. All files stored must be strictly related to, and necessary for, the Minecraft server. We may request that backups are limited to 10GB total per Minecraft server.

Minecraft Unlimited CPU - We don't restrict the CPU time on Minecraft Nodes however we have a Fair Usage Policy to prevent abuse. All servers are allowed to use 3 threads (300% in the panel) all the time, without Limit. We do allow you to use above 300% but its constant usage depends on the CPU load of the Node as and when you are bursting. We reserve the right to reboot/shutdown any Minecraft Server using over 300% for over 10 minutes, If it causes performance issues on the Node.

Dedicated Server/VPS -
Not allowed:

  • Illegal adult content in the US and UK
  • Spamming/Mass mailing (Outbound SMTP is rate limited to 60 emails per second on VPS only)
  • Phishing
  • Port scanning
  • Sneaker/shoe proxies/bots
  • Social media proxies/bots
  • Malware (Viruses/Driveby's/etc)
  • Booters (including web front ends)
  • Traffic exchange (VPS only)
  • Crypto mining (VPS only)
  • TOR exit node
  • Material protected by a copyright or other intellectual property rights without proper authorisation
  • Anything illegal in the US and UK
  • Resource usage including CPU, I/O and Network that negatively affects other clients on the server (VPS only)

  • Disobeying the above "not allowed" list may result in service suspension or termination, with or without warning.

    9. VPS Hosting

    VPS Bandwidth
    Once the client's VPS has reached 100% usage of its allocated bandwidth, The VPS will be suspended until the start of the next billing period or until more bandwidth is purchased. Our gigabit ports are fair share meaning you cannot use a full gigabit inbound, outbound, or pps over 50,000 for a sustained period of time e.g. 10 minutes. If we find a client abusing this policy resulting in disruption to our network, they will be suspended and warned.

    VPS CPU Usage
    A VPS must not use more than 50% of the allocated cores for more than 1 hour. E.g. if the client's VPS has 3 cores, they must not use more than 150% CPU for more than 1 hour at a time. There must be a break of 2 hours in between the 1 hour period. If the CPU usage is disruptive then we reserve the right to shutdown or suspend the VPS.

    10. Abuse Complaints

    If we receive an abuse complaint, including DMCA/copyright notices, then we will forward it onto the client. We will allow up to 24 hours for a reply with a resolution, if we do not receive a reply in this time then the network port of the service will be suspended pending a resolution. A resolution is classed as an act that stops the abuse from recurring. If the abuse continues on an ongoing basis then we are permitted to terminate the service involved.